Panu Puolakka

As far as i can remember, i have been enchanted by the spirit of the industrial made. From toy soldiers to album sleeves, i saw the limitations of the production methods as freedom of expression and celebrated the possibility for endless repetition. My will to work with unlimited edition, material, genre or even style rose effortlesly from the ethos of the serial production.
The ideal of The Renessaince man could be standard for the brave.

Still my true love and source of joy to work remains unchanged: The desire to see what lays in the land yet to be created. I hope my work radiates that glimmer of the new horizon. For in its light, everything is possible.

Born 1972, lives and works in Lahti, Finland
University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, MA.

My works have been shown in the following selected exhibitions:

Night on Earth, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China 2008.
Night on Earth, Zero Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2008.
Toys for Us, Brandström & Stene Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 2008.
Kim Simonsson & Panu Puolakka, Taidesalonki Husa, Tampere, Finland 2007.
Power Trip, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, 2007.
ROR Revolutions On Request, Brandström & Stene Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 2007.
The evolution will not be on television, National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway 2006.
ROR Forever, MAM project 003, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan 2005.
Detox, Bergen, Oslo, Norway 2005.
DaDaDa. Temporary Contemporary, London, England 2004.
Downtown. New York, USA, 2004.
Together Forever. Contemporay Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 2004.
ctrl_alt_del. Marres, Maastricht, Holland 2003.
SkullWeeks. ROR Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2003.
Contemporary Plastic. ROR Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2003.
The Straight or Crooked Way. Royal Gollege of Art, London, England 2003.
Fundamentalisms of the New Order,. Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark 2002.
Manifesta 4. Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt, Germany 2002.
UTOPIA. Skulpturens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden 2001.
UTOPIA. Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany 2001.
UTOPIA. Museum ofContemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland 2001.
Terror 2.0 Finnish Institute gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 2000.
Terror 2000. Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland 2000.
Terror 2000. Into Gallery, Helsinki, FInland 2000.
Salone Satellite, Milano, Italy 1999.